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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time-out for: Gymnastics (and Photoshop) fun!

From: Elk Grove High School
I'm proud to say that my gymnasts took home the 2011 MSL Boys Gymnastics Conference Championship this year! Everything came together at just the right moment and we beat the other 10 teams in our Conference (three of which were top-10 in the state! Oh, we're in Illinois, by the way--one of the few states that has a high school gymnastics league). And since it was our turn to host Varsity Conference, we got to do it in our own gym.

2011 MSL Champs!

There's a great article about the win from the local paper here:

The trophy is designed to have an 8x10 team photo mounted in it. The Varsity roster tends to change a bit by the end of the season, so I wanted to take a new photo to put in the trophy. Plus I wanted the trophy itself to be in the photo.

Here's how it turned out. Nice!

The trophy looks nice in "the cage"--our tiny, tiny gym!

And here's a closer look at the team photo:

Yes, I'm the shortest guy in the photo

But here's your brainteaser challenge: Notice anything odd about the photo?
The answer after the break.

The answer: We're holding the trophy in the photo and that trophy (the one IN the photo) already has the photo in it! Oh, and that photo, the one that's inside the trophy that's inside the photo--it too has the photo in it.

It's like Inception; if you think about it too hard, your brain will explode.

Here's a closeup of the Photoshop trickery:

I added fake glare on the photo to make it look more realistic and I masked off the gold figure of the guy doing the handstand so it would appear in front of the team photo that I digitally pasted over the trophy.

Yes, this is my idea of fun. Don't judge.

Okay, back to work everyone.