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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Progress update: 3,605 lines of code so far

Lines of code don't really tell you much of anything; it's all about quality over quantity and good programmers tend to code more concisely and efficiently than novice coders. But it is fun to check the numbers from time to time. Here's where I'm at thus far:

3,605 lines of actual code. That's pretty solid, especially considering that I've put a lot in place to avoid repetitive "boilerplate" code. Each Java file averages only about 50 lines of code; that's pretty light and efficient--the way I like it!

Code "comment" lines are super-important; that's where the developer explains to other developers (or him/herself) what the code is doing. Comments should count toward the total.

And even "blank" lines are important, otherwise all of your code is jammed together and is a lot less readable. I program like I write essays--with distinct paragraphs where each paragraph contains its own complete thought. Whitespace matters.

So if we add back in the comments and the blank lines, we get 5,630 lines!

Whew! Toldya I was busy!