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Friday, July 15, 2011

Time-out for: Kind words from my students

I love that I had all seniors the last two years. It makes it easier to leave my position at the school knowing that we're all moving off toward our own new adventures.

The kids were a little shocked to hear that I resigned but they've been super-sweet and supportive.

I wanted to collect some of the things they had to say in one place and I figured I may as well share it with y'all too.

"I'm just sad my sister won't be able to have you. You were one of my favorite teachers and I hope that even out of the classroom you can put your talent to good use and influence kids in alternative ways. Thank you for being awesome. Good luck wherever your life takes you now."
--Colleen R.

"You were an amazing teacher. You actually taught me things that I will ACTUALLY USE IN MY DAILY LIFE. You were my favorite teacher. I looked forward every day to go to your class!"
--Mike G.

"You are a life changer for people and I know you can do wonders for the world. I know that is a big statement, but you really can."
--Erica S.

"In college we're actually doing what you taught me. I honestly appreciate it more now than ever."
--Danielle W.

"I hope that you are successful in whatever else it is that you choose, I know you will be though. Good luck Mukai. I hope that this is just a start to an amazing future. I know for a fact everyone can say they got something out of you being not only a coach but a teacher as well. You will be surely missed, Mukai."
--Mike P.

"From sitting in your class I enjoyed every minute of it, you were definitely one of my favorites. Good luck with what ever comes next!"
--Theresa K.

"You actually taught me a lot."
--Amanda C.

"Good luck, Mr. Mukai. You were definitely one of my favorite teachers. I will never forget your class."
--Cassie G.

"One thing is for sure, they will be missing out on a great teacher. good luck in the future although you probably don't need it."
--Tom K.

"Your students love(d) you and your coworkers love(d) you as well. You deserve better, you knew it, and you took the step. Much respect and good luck!"
--Jon B.

"Mr. Mukai I feel like crap for not working hard for you now."
--Johnny M.

"While it is sad to hear that you are leaving teaching, I am glad that you are choosing a path that is less stressful and more enjoyable. Best of luck in the future."
--Matt C.

"I have had a variety of teachers, and I can say you were the most influential. I believe that you will thrive at anything you decide to pursue. Wish you success and happiness. Best of luck!"
--Paige G.

"You were a great coach to all of us in gymnastics. And even though i did not have you as a teacher I know you were a great teacher too. I will never forget everything you taught me in gymnastics. Best of Luck in the future."
--Megan W.

"I enjoyed your class the most throughout high school. You'll be a successful business/company running person/man and I'll be expecting a job in the future!"
--Caitlyn K.

"I'm kind of upset that I didnt have you as my teacher. I really wish that you were because in gymnastics you taught me so much and I learned so much from your tips and tricks that I'd probably learn even more important lessons from you. Who knows? But the important thing is that what you did with our team in 2 years is incredible. Yes, we worked our butts off but we wouldn't have done that if you weren't there to push us. It sucks that you're leaving, you will be missed a lot and I hope I will see you sometime again. We accomplished so much in such little time and we would have not done it without your help. Thank you for all that you did for our team." 
--Jerry K.

"Dammm mukai!! I can't believe you stopped teaching!! You are a bad ass teacher."
--Jose N.

"It REALLLY sucks that the rest of the school won't get to have you as a teacher! They are missing one of the best classes they could have in their education careers. Even though the class is still going to be there, the teacher is the one that makes the class. That's what they won't get.

You're one of two teachers I've had over the past 17 years that have made me think of things differently. Challenged how I looked at things and perceived them."

--Elizabeth B.

"I can sincerely say that you were hands down the best teacher that I had at the school. I always looked forward to walking into your class every day. Your ran your class different than others but that's what made yours so unique. I saw the trust and confidence that you had in your students every day you worked with us and that's what made me want to always make sure to finish your work 'cause I knew how much effort you put into us every day. 

My brother is an incoming freshman this year and I even mentioned to him about how lucky he would be to have you as a teacher. He will be missing out on a great teacher and so will the rest of the school. I want to thank you for all the work you put in and all that you taught me and wish you the best of luck with whatever path you chose. Thanks again for everything!"
--Stephen W.

"I personally thought that you were one of the best English teachers that I have ever had. I learned more from you in that one semester than I did in all four years. Thank you for standing up for yourself because it's about time that someone did at that school. Our class will always remember you as the awesome English teacher that rocked gymnastics. Thanks Mukai!" 
--Taylor J.

"I'm just so happy that I got to experience your teachings just as much as the others. I always found it funny how you would tell us how this senior class could be your "legacy" as if you were hinting at this possible resignation all along. All in all I hope (and know) you will be even more successful in what you do in the future and it was a privilege to be a student of yours for this senior year. I'll bring what you taught me to Michigan State with me and I hope to hear what you plan on doing in the future soon."
--Ben S.

"Reading that you've resigned really got to me because the school is giving away a teacher who can actually get across to his students and have them learn or at least crave it. Your success in general has inspired most--if not all--of your Senior English students to set out to achieve what they want. 

[...]what you should know is that you DO stay with us. Sure, time will put distance between thoughts of Senior English and our futures, but you will always be The teacher who pushed us harder than all the rest.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope that whatever you're doing will continue to inspire in the same ways you have before."

--Sam M.

"You taught me the most out of all my four years in High School. After I took your class I understood to not think of the obvious but be more creative and go beyond people's expectations. I could go on and on about all of the other important things you have taught me but I don't want to waste your time. Your class really exposed a lot of my weaknesses, which I thank you for showing me. Also, I feel your class really prepared me for college. 

I have told the underclassmen all about you. How they could learn so much from you and really benefit from it if they take the class seriously. I know multiple people that were actually really excited and hoping that they would have you for Senior English. All I want to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have been the best, influential, and understanding teacher I've ever had. Thanks again. I know you will be a success no matter what you do in life. You're a very bright young man and have a lot to live for. Show the world what you got."
--Erik R.