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Monday, November 28, 2011

Latest update: Rubric quality level direction

This was another feature that was requested at NCTE.

You can now specify if your rubric quality levels progress from best-to-worst or from worst-to-best. You'll find the setting on the Create Rubric screen under the first quality level input field

When you click on it you'll see the two simple options:

The direction determines which end of the rubric gets tagged with green (best) markers or red (worst) markers in the grading app and in the aggregate results grid.

The worst-to-best direction opens up the possibility of using massive year-long rubrics that have way more than five quality columns. We spoke to one publisher at NCTE whose system uses 14 quality levels. Sounds intense, but each individual assignment only targeted a sub-range within those 14 levels. An early assignment's rubric might only go from level 1 to 5 whereas an end-of-year assignment's rubric might range from columns 10 through 14.