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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Latest update: Google apps and Drive integration is here!!

Today's major new release enables student sign-in via Google apps accounts and integration with Google Drive!

Just about every school I talk to has jumped onto the Google apps bandwagon. It's really a no-brainer. It is the best platform on the planet and it's free for schools. Insane.

I'm super-excited to announce that as of today students will be able to sign in to EssayTagger using their Google apps accounts.

Google sign-in simplifies the process for both students and teachers while increasing reliability and security. This is already a huge win, but there's more!

Google account sign-in opens the door to integrating with Google Drive. Now students can link their Drive account and pull their assignments directly out of Drive:

Clicking the "select document from Google Drive" button will bring up a selection box that lists all of the documents in the student's Drive account.

EssayTagger will then communicate with Google Drive behind-the-scenes and submit the student's selected document to the specified assignment. Students no longer have to deal with moving files around or uploading anything; just a super-efficient site-to-site transfer that happens at the click of a button! This is so freakin' cool!

Beta release
Note that Google integration is currently in final beta testing. That means that it has passed our internal testing but because it is such a large, complex undertaking, it still needs to be hammered on by real-world students before we will graduate it out of beta.

Google integration is turned off by default but can be enabled by any teacher who wishes to try it out (click here for instructions). Once final testing is complete we will graduate the feature from beta status and at that point we will recommend that Google integration be the default option going forward.